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February 20, 20230


An expert in the fields of financial technology and decentralized finance, the Beneficiary
has proven himself to be a professional of extraordinary ability in these fields through
his work at various prominent financial entities around the world, including the Boston
Consulting Group and LongHash Ventures. Since 2022, the Beneficiary’s work in his
fields of endeavor has primarily focused on the automation of cryptocurrency

The Petitioning entity, is a California-based company dedicated to automating
cryptocurrency investment portfolios in order to expand the accessibility of
cryptocurrency to a wider demographic. The company combines portfolio theory with
yield farming to create diversified portfolios and optimize investment risk-return profiles
and improves cryptocurrency investment accessibility by allowing users to take
advantage of ready-to-use portfolios constructed based on clear rules such as top by
market cap or trading volume, eliminating the individual’s need to conduct research on
the investment climate.

The Beneficiary is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Petitioning entity and
has 50%+ equity ownership in the company. Since the Petitioner company’s founding,
the Beneficiary has worked remotely from Russia to establish the company’s
organizational and operational structure, develop its proprietary investment portfolio
automation technology and platform, and acquire extensive venture capital funding. The
Beneficiary is now coming to the United States to serve as the U.S. legal entity’s Chief
Executive Officer.


  • The Beneficiary and the Petitioner company have received numerous awards,
    including over $200,000 in venture capital awards; a Top 10 award at the
    Creatella Digital Venture Competition; the Empiric Protocol Price Feeds 1 st Prize
    at the StarkNet Hackathon; the Cronos Sponsor Bounty Winner at the annual
    EthCC Hackathon; and admission to Mucker Lab and the BNB Chain x Binance
    accelerator program.
  • The Beneficiary and his work in the field have received media coverage from
    such prominent industry publications as Hacker Noon, Tech In Asia, BNB Chain,
    and BSC Times.
  • The Beneficiary has maintained membership as a mentor at LongHash Ventures,
    Stacks Ventures, and the Founders Institute and membership as a participant at
    Mucker Lab, the BNB Chain x Binance accelerator program, and ChainLink Labs.
  • The Beneficiary has served as a judge of the work of other experts at LongHash
    Ventures, INSEAD (Institut Européen d'Administration des Affaires), the
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, the University of
    Pennsylvania, the University of California Los Angeles, and the Black Founders
    & HBCUs Pitch Session.
  • The Beneficiary has been a speaker at a number of prominent conferences,
    including the Global DeFi Investment Summit, the Kauffman Fellows SummitLatAm, the Unit Masters Program, and Crypto Fest 2022, and was a featured
    guest on the podcast “Metaversity with Christopher Gillett.”
  • In this case, and many other similar Founder cases, we presented an argument
    of salary plus equity compensation as part of our High Remuneration argument.
    The presented figures were derived from the future base salary in the U.S. plus
    the equity valuation based on the highest valuation cap from the company’s


  • Throughout our work together, the Beneficiary continued to acquire additional
    venture capital funding, media coverage, accelerator program memberships, and
    mentorship opportunities.
  • The case was approved 11 days after filing with no Request for Evidence.

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