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February 28, 20230
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TJ Albrecht, Managing Director and Yana Albrecht, Managing Attorney

Business and technology innovators from all over the world come to Silicon Valley for one thing – access to the world’s most powerful venture capital network and a community of like minded founders and entrepreneurs. Navigating this high-stakes world of rapid-fire pitches and million-dollar deals is a challenging task even for seasoned industry veterans and more so for upstart pioneers. The additional layer of complex U.S. immigration requirements can be overwhelming and confounding for these foreign founders, making a difficult entrepreneurial journey even harder.

Here is where the experts at Bay Immigration Law come in. Located in Palo Alto – the heart of Silicon Valley – the firm offers full-service immigration representation that leverages its well developed Silicon Valley network and its team’s extraordinary experience to offer creative solutions to meet the long and short-term immigration goals of its clients, ranging from vibrant startups and solo entrepreneurs to investors and larger corporations.

A successful outcome is just as important for us as a positive client experience. Hands-on service and personalized attention are our guiding principles for handling each case,” says TJ Albrecht, Managing Director at Bay Immigration Law. “Our main value proposition is that we do deep dives on our startup founders and the technology that they are building. So unlike other firms, we do research at a very granular level. And we take a narrative-based approach to our cases. So we build out a story that is very rich in content related to the technology, related to the industry, the market, etcetera.

Bay Immigration Law’s approach is to focus as much on immigration as on the business and personal needs of its clients, all to develop mutually-beneficial strategies that maximize value and opportunity. The whole process starts with a free consultation, typically by telephone, in which one of the firm’s experienced representatives draws out the immigration issues for any particular case and delves into a client’s personal needs and goals. In a way, the firm acts as a legal counselor as well as a catalyst helping its clients to make sense of Silicon Valley and its inner workings.

“We work to know every single founder, fund representative, and incubator accelerator managing director so that our clients can benefit from our connections. We have a whole network,” says Yana Albrecht, Managing Attorney and Founder of Bay Immigration Law. “We offer a comprehensive portfolio for angel, treaty, and venture capital investors to connect with our clients and lead them through the path to success in Silicon Valley.”

Yana & TJ

In addition to its stellar network, Bay Immigration Law has earned renown in the Silicon Valley immigration law space by specializing in difficult cases that other firms, even larger ones, may balk at. One illustrative case stands out.

We led the case for a 16-year-old software engineer out of India. She built an app, sold it, and was trying to figure out how to come to the United States. She was a very young professional who had just started her career,” says TJ Albrecht. “She spoke to a bunch of law firms. They turned her down, saying, ‘Sorry, you don’t have a bachelor’s degree.’ We took her on, but we built her on one extraordinary ability visa case and won it. About three years after entry, she co-founded another company that today is worth $800 million. They’re going to be a Unicorn by the end of the year. That’s one of the most storied and difficult cases that we’ve had. It turned out perfect.

That case study exemplifies Bay Immigration Law’s expert command of the law and also the firm’s unique acumen in creatively building winning outcomes. As Yana Albrecht says, “the only way to win an immigration case is to be attuned to what’s going on in the legal field. And at the same time, do it again and again and again and learn things empirically.”

For Bay Immigration Law and its clients, the proof of the efficacy of its operational model is in the results – the firm boasts one of the highest approval rates among comparable boutique firms in Silicon Valley and has grown 9-fold since 2016. And while the firm’s central location within the hub of global innovation is one of its main assets, it is its hands-on personal focus and narrative-driven methodology that drives the phenomenal success of Bay Immigration Law and its clients.

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